Here below you can get some more inspiration for your massage. There is no extra charge for those “specialities”, except for “surprise” (see further below).

Prostate massage

The massage of the anus and above all of the prostate is an intensive and new experience for many. To be penetrated requires full confidence and a self-surrender. Besides increasing your health the prostate massage enables you to experience a totally different sexual epiphany: sometimes to a deep, silent letting go, sometimes to an exciting new tingling, sometimes to intensive lust and arousal leading up to an orgasm. It will always be a journey into an unpredictable field. The will to discover something new is what you will need for this experience. I will guide you through that adventure, competent, respectful and caring.

For the anal massage there is no need to make a previous irrigation or another preparation. Certainly it is required that you wash your anal region carefully under the shower, with soap and with the help of your finger (like you do to wash the spaces between your toes).


Tantramassage Bern Prostatamassage

Sexuality after a prostate operation

Are you struggling to get your sex life back on track after a prostate operation? Are you concerned that you won’t be able to maintain an erection or do you know that even though you feel desire, your body won’t cooperate? Are you experiencing incontinence problems during sex? Or do you have a prostate operation coming up and have a thousand questions?

With experience, dedication and empathy I will accompany you on your exciting journey to discover your new sexuality. I cannot promise that with my help you will be able to maintain a full erection, though it is possible. I can offer you a safe, relaxing space, profound knowledge and insight into your situation. Here, you can follow your impulses without pressure to perform. Experience orgasms without ejaculation, ride waves of arousal, surrender to sensation… You will make new experiences that may be different, but no less satisfying than those you made before your operation.

Would you like to involve your partner in the process? That is a very good idea. After at least two sessions with you alone, I will gladly work with you as a couple. We can discuss the specifics beforehand.

Thank you for your trust in me.

Erection, weak, not at all?

For a tantric massage it is not important that you get an erection. The lingam-massage (massage of the penis) can also be enjoyed with a non-erect penis.

My experience is, however, that for most men a (slightly) erect penis causes a more intense feeling. For that reason I use, when indicated or wished, a simple stretch cockring. You may also simply want to experience this while you are on that safe and neutral territory.

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Tantramassage Bern Erection weak? not at all?

Pure Surrender

Blindfolded and (maybe even with your hands tied), your senses will be even keener. You will be „forced“ to surrender and to fully concentrate on your feeling. Because you know that your hands are tied and your eyes have lost control, you only have the option to feel what is happening at that moment and to look forward to what you will be feeling next.

If you would like to let yourself experience this during my tantric massage, you are welcome to do so. Just let me know before the massage starts.


Tantramassage Bern Pure Surrender

Wish to touch

As a returning guest you may wish to be allowed to touch me. Ask me. We will discuss what it is you imagine, what is your intention, and in which way I can accommodate your wishes.


A two to two-and-a-half hour tantric journey for mature, appreciative and open-minded men who love to enjoy being taken on a long extatic trip through sexual and sensual realms. Lingammassage* from start through to the end is included! A delightful surprise for adventurers and trusting men. For not spoiling the surprise, I will not reveal much details in advance ; ).

You can contribute your ideas (to a certain extent) during the preliminary talk.

This offer costs CHF 500.-.

*Maybe you want to have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E6LrousWBc

Magda Kay here is speaking out of my heart!

Tantramassage Bern Surprise

Specifically for women

To be massaged as a woman by a woman, especially intimately, is a completely new experience for many. To be able to let go without having to fulfil anyone else’s expectations (or to feel like one has to) is a freeing feeling. I do not offer “healing massages” but rather lead you through an exploratory journey through your body. Perhaps you wish to experience the deep, incomparable feelings conjured up by the patient stimulation of the G-spot, maybe you simply wish to concentrate on yourself, or you might feel more comfortable to utter your desires to a fellow “sister” – whatever your motivation is, I am here to support you in rediscovering your sexuality, your passion, your female energy.


Tantramassage Bern specifically for women

Talking and Snuggling

Maybe it is exactly what you want and need right now:

To talk

To be allowed to express yourself and be listened to

To be able to ask questions and get them answered

To express your frustrations and to be given an outside perspective on your situation

To be able to talk freely and without inhibition about sexuality, sex, relationships, partnership, freedom and personal fullfilment without feeling judged

To snuggle

To experience how good it feels to be held lovingly, to let yourself go through physical contact, to feel safe at the touch of another, to hug someone and be hugged back, to be touched affectionately, without sexual purpose or intent, to just be fully aware and feel…

In this session unlike the others I offer, we will remain fully clothed throughout.

A full session of talking and snuggling will take about two hours and costs, like my other offers, CHF 380.- (exeption: “Surprise” and massages of 2,5 or 3 h)


Tantramassage Bern Talking and Snuggling

Come back?

Your first tantric massage or the first time with someone new: truly a unique experience. The exciting unknown, the moment of astonishment, the fragility, the timidity, the tension, never knowing what will happen next… all this belongs to a first time experience and has its own merits and qualities. The question is: Should I come back? Will it be as good, as exciting again?

Without exception, all those who come back are telling that the second, third, forth… time exceeds the first experience. Why? Just because the tension decreases, confidence replaces insecurity, letting go gets easier and the concentration on your own feelings are the priority.

Boring? Never!