My tantric massage will lead you, embedded in a harmonious ritual setting, into a deeply sensual experience, to feel joy and pleasure with your own body, with your own sexuality.

Enjoy beeing touched, softly, firmly, deeply and also tenderly and playfully. I will guide you through the massage, I will accompany you on your journey into your body, into your essence, into your heart. I will touch you with my hands, with my body, with my being, with my heart.

My offer

Tantra massage

To experience the full range of a tantric massage one needs to take time. That is why I only offer long massages: Two hours or more. Like that, you will be able to fully let go and you will have enough time for deep sensual enjoyment.

An exceptional full body massage, including the intimate parts, awaits you. It will take you into an unexpected world of senses, of feelings, of joy… where passion and lust may develop and unfoil.

Moreover there is the possibility for a professional, wholesome and caring, maybe arousing massage of the pelvic floor, the anus and the prostate. (See “specialities”).

Before the massage begins I will answer your questions, sort out your ideas and wishes and also explain the procedure of the session.

You will co-determine where your journey will lead: into the silence, the dephts, the relaxation or more into arousal, lust… or in consecutive waves into all these realms.

Your respect for my non-negotiable set boundaries (no french kissing, no touching of my intimate parts) as well as the openness for the unknown and for new experiences are an essential condition for our meeting.


My room for tantramassage in Bern

After the massage you will have time enough to relax with your feelings and “to come back”.

Of course you may use the shower before and after the massage.

Dear Maria

The session was an extraordinarily and sublimely wonderful session.  It surpassed any expectations that I had had. Your passion and work with me during the session took me to higher levels of sensuality  that I never knew existed – it was heavenly – how else to describe it!